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Art Heist - Escape Room Adventure

A rainy night, a secluded villa on a remote island and a thief who walks among you. You are invited to an evening unveiling of a newly discovered artwork with a secret. But before the night is out you receive word a heist has taken place, the artwork has been taken. Before the perpetrators escape the villa you are invited to track them down. The villa is on lockdown so progress will be less than swift but with your puzzle solving skills to make the task easier you should have no problem recovering the painting. But will you?…


Take on the challenge of uncovering the painting, use all your escape room knowledge and puzzle solving ability to make your way through the villa on lockdown. How you tackle the puzzles is down to you. Each puzzle has a logical solution, so take your time, there is no rush and enjoy the process of understanding what you have to do. Recovery of the painting is down to you!

SUBNET - Escape Room Adventure

Are you ready to test your escape room skills by taking on the drkFORCE hacker group's underground exploit? Can you solve the puzzles to navigate your way through the underground subway system and emerge victorious? Put your puzzle-solving abilities to the test and prevent the hackers from escaping with their nefarious plans. Join the escape room adventure today and see if you have what it takes to thwart the drkFORCE hacker group!

A cyber attack has just been announced on the news, a new hacker group called drkFORCE has infiltrated the subway shutting down and compromising the transport system. As an IT expert and frequent subway traveller you are invited to help track down the hackers before they escape. Time is of the essence, you must stop the hackers before the true reason for their exploit becomes reality.

On this assignment you won’t be alone! Along the way you will be accompanied by an AI assistant who will monitor CCTV, feedback news and information to help guide and assist you on your mission.

SUBNET - Escape Room Adventure Soundtrack

Immerse yourself in the puzzle adventure world of SUBNET Escape Room Adventure. With each track exclusively composed and produced for the game, the soundtrack delivers a one-of-a-kind experience…

Track Listing
1 Subnet 5:12
2 Future Vortex 2:38
3 Moonlight Fade 2:55
4 Crystal Metal 2:35
5 Hidden Dream 2:38
6 Dark Momentum 2:32
7 Hypnotic Movement 2:29
8 Dystopian Twilight 2:35
9 Rhythm Machine 2:29
10 drkFORCE 2:36
11 Subaquatic Layers 2:17

ALUMNI - Escape Room Adventure

Trapped in a past time - can you use your puzzle solving skills and escape?

Working long hours on your recent research with experimental time-shifting serums at Ridgeway Space/Time Labs has taken its toll. You promise yourself a break after the next batch of results.

Taking a moment after hours of painstaking research you drowsily make yourself a refreshing coffee, moments later some drops of the serum accidentally fall into your mug.


Feeling unsettled you notice your mistake. It’s too late! You realise you are now set to experience the time-shifting properties first hand. After a few moments your world distorts and reality changes, you are transported back in time to your fragmented memories back at Ridgeway College.

Everything is familiar but broken in some way. Now trapped in past memories, it is up to you to solve the puzzles and escape the nightmare reality you have created for yourself, attempting to return to present times.

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