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Escape Puzzle Island

Escape Puzzle Island

Escape Puzzle Island is a brand new point and click (tap) mobile adventure game. Your mission is to help young adventurers Tom & Jen explore a mysterious island of puzzles and intrigue. They begin their adventure after running into difficulties flying over the island - why did they crash, what secrets does the island hold? How will you help Tom & Jen escape the island?

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Escape Bradgate hotel

Exotic Escapes: Forgotten Island

Go on an Exotic Escape to a Forgotten Island. A place where there are no Missions, Battles or Quests to get in the way of deep relaxation and a chance to unwind… …On an island of complete tranquillity.


Explore at your own pace.

Your chose of walk, do you stick to the beach and walk around the island or do you fancy the joy of a mountainous hike?

The choice is yours, you are free to explore the forgotten island at your own pace. Save at any time using the save button, this saves your progress so you can get back to your normal like and then at your choosing, come back and continue where you left off.

Maybe you where at the summit of a mountain, hidden away in a tranquil cove or just relaxing looking out to the endless sea, listening to waves crashing against the shoreline. The experience is endless, the relaxation is refreshing.

Nothing can get in your way of your virtual getaway, your virtual vacation away from the distractions of normal life.

Maybe you live in the city and don't often get a chance to go to the beach, maybe you have never been to an island before - this is your chance to explore an open world, an idyllic island set in the middle of the ocean for you explore in you own time.


  • Over 50km of beautiful tranquil island to explore
  • Full 3D high quality mobile graphics
  • Free to roam open world - no missions or quests to get in the way of a relaxing experience.
  • Easy to use save system - just tap the Save button to save your walk, then press Continue on the main menu to resume.
  • Relaxing meditation sounds of the sea and waves.
  • See beautiful butterflies and other tropical wildlife on your exploration.
  • Visit an old boatyard, complete with old sailor shacks, pallets and barrels.
  • Find and explore exotic flowers and palm trees.
  • Find shells and other washed up items down kilometres of unspoilt beaches.

Start your next adventure now with Exotic Escapes: Forgotten Island…

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Escape Bradgate hotel

Escape Bradgate hotel

The Bradgate hotel has been evacuated and things have started to fall apart. Can you save yourself and Escape Bradgate Hotel?


Welcome to the Bradgate Hotel, a delightful countryside getaway for the whole family. That is until you wake up on the morning of March 9th…

The hotel has been evacuated and things have started to fall apart. Can you save yourself and Escape Bradgate Hotel?

"The hotel was being run like a death trap with the emergency exit intentionally closed… A roller shutter was put on this exit which was kept locked at night. The stairs leading to the emergency exit were blocked with washables for laundry and items from the bar and restaurant"

"During investigation it was revealed that none of the fire alarm/PA systems, which are required to alert guests about a fire or any other emergency, worked on the night of the tragedy."


  • Features: - Beautiful easy to interact with touch based scenes.
  • Drag and drop based inventory system.
  • Lots of puzzles and collectables.
  • Fully featured musical score and sound effects.
  • A unique and captivating adventure for you and all the family

    Escape Bradgate Hotel is compatible with all iOS devices and is a Free to play adventure puzzle game for any age of gamer, young or old.

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Kate Storm - Escape Mystery

Kate Storm: Escape Mystery

Interactive, point and click adventure game!

Kate Storm: Escape Mystery is new interactive, adventure game! Help Kate in this dark mystery adventure and try to work out how to escape!


Join Dr Kate Storm in an epic adventure. The adventure begins on a much needed holiday in the sun but soon descends into a dark mystery.

Help Kate in this dark mystery adventure and try to work out how to escape!

Follow the story and explore Kate's surroundings with intuitive controls and beautiful 3D graphics.

It is important that you investigate everything – even the smallest detail with help you to can unravel the mystery!


  • Simple, intuitive point and tap-to-play
  • Beautiful 3D, original graphics with over 70 interactive scenes
  • Full motion Video!
  • Captivating and unique story – excite your imagination!
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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Stranded Escape White Sands

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